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Physician demand continues to grow faster than supply, new report finds

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A recent report by the Association of Medical Colleges has highlighted how the changing population pyramid is set to create a significant earthquake across the healthcare industry.    The US population is set to grow by over 10%, with the population ages over 75 set to grow by 69%, creating a significant shift (and demand) in new and existing services.

With growing, ageing populations, shortages in physicians will surpass 121K by 2030, with demands within primary care expected to grow by 18%, the report has found.

Weekly hours for physicians are also declining within all age ranges, with 42% of physicians expiring burnout due to heavy workloads and increased demands.

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Additionally, the report has highlighted that demand for physicians in medical specialties is set to rise, alongside a shortfall of over 30,000 surgeons by 2030.

However, one area which is set to rise is the number of retail clinics. Following on from the merger of CVS Health and Aetna. With digital tools, consumers are used to receiving products at the click of a button or want services which are accessible within their own lifestyles, and no longer want to be governed as to when a GP is available.

For many, retail clinics present the perfect solution, yet opens up further complex issues surrounding the number of services which can be provided throughout these outlets.