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Harris Healthcare confirms purchase of Iatric Systems

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The US-based company, Harris Healthcare, has announced it has purchased Iatric Systems for an undisclosed fee, mobi health news reports.

Officials have confirmed that Iatric, which focuses on integration tools in order to aid hospitals to optimise their electronic health records and other IT infrastructure, will now run as a separate business unit of Harris.

The Boxford-based company, Iatric, creates a range of technology that is utilised for security, interoperability, medical device connectivity as well as other areas of HER optimisation.

Harris Healthcare President Jerry Canada Jr, said: “The acquisition of Iatric Systems represents a natural extension of our offerings in the healthcare information technology segment.”

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It has also been revealed that Iatric President and Chief Operating Officer, Frank Fortner, has been named the new Executive Vice President for Iatric Systems.

In a press release, Mr Fortner said: “This investment is a tremendous vote of confidence in our team and technology.”

“We are pleased to become part of the Harris family of companies. This positions Iatric Systems well for continued and long-term success with our 28-year history of providing innovative healthcare IT solutions to hospitals and healthcare systems.”