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Almost 90% of American have used digital health tools, claims Rock Health

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According to a recent survey by Rock Health, 87% of respondents in the US have, at least once, used digital health tools in 2017.

The survey found that the figure rose by 7 percentage points from the previous year, as only 80% had used digital health tools in 2016.

The survey, the third annual report released from the firm, shows results from 4,000 individuals in the US.

The report found that the post popular of tools were health information, of which 79% of respondents had used, and provider reviews, which 58% of the survey had used.

24% of those questioned had used wearables and mobile tracking, with 19% having used video telemedicine.


“The good news for digital health innovators is consumers generally like using their products,”Megan Zweig, Rock Health’s Director of Research, informed HealthExec.

“People are largely satisfied with their telemedicine visits, and even report that wearables and other health tracking apps are helping them achieve their health goals.”

“Relationships really do matter in healthcare, and this is evident in how consumers interact with digital tools.”

“Consumers are much more likely to trust in provider data security and share their healthcare data with providers – especially compared to tech companies.”

“This means providers have substantial sway in terms of digital tool adoption – a prescription or recommendation from a care team member is going to carry a lot of weight with a patient.”